Whether you are working for a pharmaceutical, consumer, electronics or any industry, we know that national conferences are very important for any company. It is the venue for presidents/CEO’s to rally their troops into achieving their targets. It is the time where people reflect and celebrate their milestones. It is the time where people unite and be proud of being part of their second family.

There are alot of technologies that help amplify the excitement of these national conferences. We will be sharing to you a tech which can help electrify your conferences.

* SlowMoManila - if you are looking for something that could generate tons of laugh for your event, SMM is just the thing for you. If you had fun with photobooths, you will surely enjoy SlowMoManila.

What is SlowMoManila?

It is a slow motion videobooth. Instead of capturing photos, it gets videos and renders them in stunning slowmo HD. The booth generates an MTV for your company which you can share around to see the celebrations of your employees.

Here are samples of SlowMoManila used for national conferences and sports fest.

2014 Boehringer National Sales Conference from SlowMo Manila on Vimeo.

2014 Takeda Sports fest Vimeo from SlowMo Manila on Vimeo.


2015 Sutherland Spotify SlowMo Party video from SlowMo Manila on Vimeo.

What are the advantages of SMM for your events?
* More Fun- To all company events where SMM was deployed, it produced alot of fun to the attendees. It is more interactive and engaging. Never will you see any booth that is capable of producing tons of laughter. Want to see a the hip and cool side of your CEO? Put him in the booth and allow him to express himself.

* Promotes Unity- If you organize your team into districts or product groups, SMM can help promote bonding among these teams. Observe how these teams will collaborate with each other to project the best and funniest peg inside. SMM is used to get the best and most hilarious videos by companies that we deployed.

* More Memorable – if photos can paint a thousand words, a video can paint millions. Slowmo booths helps us see a different side of people. You will see emotions never before seen on camera. Once compiled and produce to an MTV, the video tells a different story about your company. It immortalizes how fun and awesome your event was.