Thinking of building mobile apps for your business, DONT!

If you are thinking about building mobile apps for your business, you should think twice, thrice or even a thousand times before proceeding. Over the past years, many companies wasted enormous cash and resources on developing their own apps. These are evident by the number business apps in Apps Store and Google Play Store had very dismal download and engagement rates.

These apps did not deliver the intended business objectives of the companies. It either failed to attract new/retain customers, it failed to promote customer loyalty or failed to streamline key business processes of the company. These ventures wasted precious resources and most realized why their apps failed to capture users.

So what are the signs of EPIC FAILURE APPs

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* Vanity Apps- As a development company, we receive a lot of requests if we can build apps for a wide range of businesses. The most common which spells FAILURE would be apps that just replicate the content of their company website. If we ask them what is the purpose of the app, they would say they want their app to contain their homepage, contact information, mission vision, store locations, etc. They want their customers to download the same set of information from their website to their mobile app.

Most of these business believe that having an app will make their company look hip and “sosyal”. If your reason for building an app is for this kind of purpose, STOP. Stop wasting money for a glorified website app. Only a handful of your clients will download it. No amount of marketing will force people to use this kind of app.


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* Coupon Apps- this is a more advanced version of vanity apps. Aside from having their website info, businesses though of incorporating their discount coupons inside their apps. They believe that people will be more motivated to download and use their app because of these coupons. There is a chance you can get higher downloads from this, but don’t expect a stellar support compared to Groupon, CashCash Pinoy and other coupon sites. If you want a massive customer support, better use those coupon sites instead.


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* Fad Apps – these kinds of apps are cool. They have the possibility of driving a fairly significant amount of downloads. However, these apps have short lifespans to be useful for consumers. People will get bored and uninstall them after using it a few days. Example of these apps, would be compilation of jokes, funny taglines or pick up lines. If you want long term engagement with your customers, we suggest to avoid resorting to faddish apps. There are more innovative ways on engaging your customers.
Building apps is like setting up a business. You need to identify what the market really needs. Once you identify those needs, you come up with solutions to address them. Here are some pointers on how to come up with innovative apps for your business:

Tips on coming up with innovative apps

1.) Get out of the office and asks- instead of spending to much time conceptualizing and planning your app, get out of the building. Talk to your clients. Ask them what you think about your idea, validate if there is a need to build it. This will save you tons of money from building an app which customers doesn’t want.

2.) Learn to persevere or pivot- if you discover your app idea doesn’t fly during your customer interviews, learn to persevere or pivot. Persevere means you will still push the idea but you will make some revisions on it. Pivot on the other hand means accepting that your idea sucks and you will abandon it totally. You can create a new idea and conduct the same set of validation until you come up with the right app.

3.) Do not market trash – apps follows the logic of garbage in and garbage out. If your app is crappy in the first place, no amount of marketing can fix it. If people does not see value from your app, no amount of money can force folks to use it. Validate your app and perfect it. Once you come up with the right market fit, market it with ease.

Hope this article enlightens you regarding your mobile app development strategy. Mobile apps are very promising for businesses, however you need to exercise caution on not spending a fortune for fool’s gold.