Project Description

How do you turn a pet blessing event into the a social media avalanche? Simple, create a situation wherein pet owners can promote their dogs and have their photos displayed  in Eastwood’s jumbotron.

Here is how it worked. Owners love their pets. They love them so much that they treat them like their children. What do proud parents do with their children? They take photos of them, display them on the highest pedestal.

Using Kroniklr technology, over 500 owners posted photos of pets using #EastwoodPetBlessing. From Shitzu, to beagles, to cats even farm pigs, these proud mom and dads proudly showed their love in Twitter and Instagram. #EastwoodPetBlessing posts were further amplified as people can directly see their pets live on the LED. For this kind of event, it usually yields 2000 posts. With the help of Kr, we were able to generate over 7,000 posts. It literally rained cats and dogs on the pet blessing. :)