Written by: Bobby D. Cristuta.

Edited by: Nikolas Escobal


Commuting in Metro Manila has become a huge pain over the past decades. In a traffic study conducted by Numbeo, the Philippines ranked #5 as the worst in the whole world with Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, andIran being the top 4 respectively.[1] According to Time.com the average Juan spends around 2 hours commuting one way, compared to the American who spends 25 ½ minutes.[2] Travelling from North Avenue to Makati will take an average of 1.5 to 3 hours at peak times. If you travel via MRT, expect huge commuter lines that could stretch up to 1 kilometer in the MRT station. If you travel by bus, you will feel that you are in an evacuation zone where people are fighting their way to get inside buses like canned sardines. These are but a few examples of the hellish experiences commuters are facing, daily.


This problem can be attributed to the increase in workforce, inefficient public transportation (MRT and limited buses) and lack of good public infrastructure. In 2016, traffic is expected to become even worse as new government projects will start to kick in inside the metro. Arrrggghh!! What can we do about it? Lately, our team has been canvassing innovative apps that could help reduce traffic.

We can’t really do much about fixing the MRT problem nor do we have the budget or authority to build new roads. We can, however, support apps like Wave and Biker-X that aim to help make our lives easier by simplifying the way we commute, whileat the same time reducing road congestion.




Wave is poised to become the Uber forshuttles (coasters, buses, vans & SUVs). Wave makes commuting easy, safe, and affordable with its smart “school-bus-like service” for students and professionals. Wave is a smart matching platform and mobile application that connects passengers with the same booking and ride details (origin and destination) to quality shuttles that take them directly and safely to home, work, and school. With routes that are suggested by the community, Wave ensures affordability while offering a safe and convenient commuting experience. In a nutshell, Wave builds trustworthy riding communities to make commuting fun and hassle-free.

WAVE Philippines With Wave, commuters can now easily book their ride for the entire week in advance and sync it to their commuting schedules. Specified pickup and drop off points are provided by the appso that people can conveniently select based on their location, where they can get a direct ride from a shuttle (coasters, buses, vans & SUVs) to their desired destination (home or the office). With this app, a convenient alternative mode of transportation is now possible. Say goodbye to long and pesky lines in the EDSA bus stations, transferring from ride to ride, and being cramped inside a bus, jeep, or UV express. Wave linksyou to buses, vans, and coasters that aren’t overcrowded, but cleaner and safer.


Wave is a great solution to traffic. Unlike Uber and Grab Taxi, Wave optimizes the use of vehicles intended for mass transport. Uber, Grab, regular taxis and private vehicles carry 1 to 3 persons per vehicle and occupy alot of space on our roads. On the other hand, Wave vehicles can carry 7 to 60 people while occupying only three times the space of a car. That is more than 16x the efficiency at a cheaper cost. We strongly recommend that you help out with this initiative. For those who wish to become part of their beta launch you can register at their website:passforwardwave.azurewebsites.net.


If you know anybody who regularly commutes long distances, works the night shift, or is just tired of the hassles of taking public transport, then Wave is their best commuting option. Feel free to share with friends and family.




Biker-X is poised to become the Uber for motorcycles. With this app, you will be connected to motorcycle drivers for deliveries or transport. You can specify the pickup point and drop off points. If you have packages/parcels that wants to be delivered, the app will connect you to a pool of motorcycle drivers. Their delivery is more cost-effective than the leading courier delivery service.

BikerX Philippines

I know that getting a ride around Fort Bonifacio can be a pain in the ass. Imagine long lines of Fort Bus near the SunLife building. The difficulty hailing a cab near Serendra and Net buildings. With this app, they can easily connect you to motorcycle operators that allow you to zip through traffic with ease. You can save alot of time passing through traffic especially in Forbes Park and Mckinley Hill.



Biker-X provides an alternative courier and passenger transportation service. This can help alot in reducing the need for large vehicles to travel and deliver goods. It allows reduction of large vehicles in the road. To be a part of the Biker-X beta program, feel free to register here.



Traffic may worsen in the next few years, but with innovative apps like Wave and Biker-X, we can still make commuting easier for everyone. Let us help spread the word about these new innovations around our community. We at Timebox believe that technopreneurs can provide solutions to our social problems. Lets help them make our lives easier.

If any of you readers know other apps which you believe can help our country, feel free to email us at bobby.cristuta@timeboxph.com or message us on our Facebook page. We would be happy to include them on our next articles.





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