Stop Complaining About Traffic, Read This

Written by: Bobby D. Cristuta.

Edited by: Nikolas Escobal


Commuting in Metro Manila has become a huge pain over the past decades. In a traffic study conducted by Numbeo, the Philippines ranked #5 as the worst in the whole world with Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, andIran being the top 4 respectively. According to the average Juan spends around 2 hours commuting […]

A Dazzling Way to Make your National Conferences Memorable

Whether you are working for a pharmaceutical, consumer, electronics or any industry, we know that national conferences are very important for any company. It is the venue for presidents/CEO’s to rally their troops into achieving their targets. It is the time where people reflect and celebrate their milestones. It is the time where people unite and be proud of being part […]

Project: Mobiconf

Project Mobiconf – Conference App Philippines

In partnership with Miquido, Timebox Technologies recently launch MobiConf for the Philippines market. Mobiconf is an events app that is specialized for conferences. It has a wide range of useful features, all aimed to ease information distribution on such events.

Here are the key features of the app:

Agenda- list of all activities inside the conference

Speakers- lists […]

Thinking of building mobile apps for your business, DONT!

Thinking of building mobile apps for your business, DONT!

If you are thinking about building mobile apps for your business, you should think twice, thrice or even a thousand times before proceeding. Over the past years, many companies wasted enormous cash and resources on developing their own apps. These are evident by the number business apps in Apps Store and Google Play Store had very dismal download and engagement rates.

These apps did not deliver the intended business objectives of the companies. It either failed to attract new/retain customers, it failed to promote customer loyalty or failed to streamline key business processes of the company. These ventures wasted precious resources and most realized why their apps failed to capture users.


Top Filipino Technologies for Events

Did you know that there are local technology providers that could help your events? Whether you are looking for tools that could help increase booking of your attendees, streamline tedious work processes or increase engagement, there are Filipino companies offering techs that could assist on your requirements.

Here are the top Filipino technologies specialized for events:


Events and Hashtags, are they Important?

Events and Hashtags, are they important? The answer is a resounding YES.  Gone are the days wherein organizers just settle on successes inside the confines of their event venues. Events also need to trend in social media as well.

Here’s why:

1.) Increase Reach – if your guests posts photos showing how cool your product launch was , their friends are being made […]